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We are committed to creating long-term value for your organization through a highly personalized and collabrative process. Our success is achieved once your possibilities become reality. 

Shannon Curtin, Founder & Principal 

Unstoppable performance begins with purpose

Shannon Curtin is a beauty industry veteran with deep expertise in revenue acceleration, margin enhancement, brand building, sales training, e-commerce, digital media, mergers and acquisitions. As a certified green belt lean six sigma enterprise transformation leader her extensive knowledge in new channels, international markets, retail and manufacturing provides a comprehensive point of view to any business dynamic. Along with being a wife, mother, art curator, real estate developer, traveler, foodie, wellness seeker and clean water activist, Shannon is the founder of "The Beauty Boutique Group, LLC". With an unwavering positive mindset to any business challenge, she will create modern business solutions designed to move your business forward.

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Steve Dixon, Creative Strategist 

Steve is an award-winning creative director and business leader focused on developing and executing innovative experiences across consumer marketing channels to deliver on client goals and objectives. He is a business-savvy idea maker with sales and business development expertise, focused on experiential marketing to help beauty brands connect with consumers in a meaningful way. 

Steve's past nationwide experience tours for Walgreens, Rimmel, Sinful Colors, Revlon, L’Oreal, and Maybeline and more has demonstrated his focus on finding new ways the consumer can experience products in an inviting environment. With over 20 years experience in the CPG space working on brand strategy in both trade and retail, Steve is clearly focused on getting the job done right and delivering the client's business goals.


Lori Rosario-Griffin, General Counsel Legal Services

Lori is an experienced attorney with over a decade of successful business, strategic and legal experience in the beauty industry. She has consistently produced high achievements, including her most recent position as a divisional and regional general counsel of a multi-billion dollar beauty company. 

As a respected and skilled negotiator, Lori gets deals done. She has a proven talent for quickly grasping situational leverage, understanding cultural and political nuance and how to overcome obstacles to complete transactions. Lori is a thoughtful listener and communicator who builds strong professional relationships across cultures, organizational levels and divisions and always aims to partner with her clients to provide creative, business-enabling solutions.  

Areas of expertise include: marketing, advertising, distribution, sales, digital and e-commerce, employment and commercial transactions. 

Get high-quality work without the high price tag. Nearly all flat fees to ensure you never receive a surprise legal bill.

*Member of the New York Bar.

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